This site has been created as a place to explore my fascination with the interaction between human creative activity – whether intentionally or accidentally artistic – and nature. I am especially interested in how this changes over time. Sometimes this is due to neglect – the slow encroachment of the natural, for instance in the form of mould or weeds, or the peeling of paint or crumbling of concrete or rotting of wood or rusting of metal. Sometimes it is due to patient or impatient human repainting or repairing. Sometimes the human intervention takes the form of graffiti or, in an even more complex process, the overpainting of graffiti (something I have written about here). Here is something else I wrote on the subject of entropy, linking it to some of my other work on commodification.

The image I chose as a header for this site is a photograph I took on a beach near Hastings, where the colours of oldĀ  net fragments and bleached boards and rusted metal interact with the greens and browns of seaweed.

Here is another photograph taken on the same occasion giving a wider view.

Click on any image on this site to see it in more detail.


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